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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the first FAQ?

This is definitely the first FAQ.

Can your camper trailers travel to the most remote locations?

Yes - our camper trailers can be used for trips to the most remote locations throughout W.A. and beyond.

What is the tow hitch of the camper trailer?

Our camper trailers have a Tregg hitch for your convenience.We supply the receiver side also.

Has the camper got any power point outlets?

Our camper trailers have two 240V outlets inside and one external outlet. A pre packed 15 amp lead is available for your convenience to connect the trailer to a mains power source.

How long does it take to set up the camper trailer?

Camper set up to sleep in around 60Sec. If you wish to attach the awning it will take a approx. 10-15 minutes extra.

Has the camper trailer got a water tank?

Argyle: Yes - a 60 litre Stainless Steel water tank.Argyle SE: Yes -a 90 litre Stainless Steel Water Tank

Is the camper trailer dust proof inside?

Yes - almost 100%

Do you supply chairs, tables & other general items?

Two chairs and one table are supplied, also supplied is a 12 Volt LED internal Light, dustpan and brush, hammer, shifter and ground cover. Feel free to bring additional items of your own if required. Linen is not supplied as part of the camper trailer hire.

What happens if the camper is wet at the time of closing it?

Our camper trailers have water proof canvas which will not allow moisture to penetrate through, however the camper trailer should be set up again asap to avoid the propagation of mould and mildew.

Does the camper have storage areas?

Argyle & Argyle SEThere is approx. 1600L x 920W x 320H storage under the bed. 1650L x 500W x 515 H in the front box. Additional storage also available in kitchen and you can also travel with your bed made. Argyle SE

Does the camper have kitchen facilities?

Yes - our camper trailers have a kitchen which is well fitted out;
1 roll out drawer, 1 sink fitted with a water pump, one 2-burner gas stove - connected to a gas bottle.

How many doors and windows does the camper have?

Our camper trailers have 4 large windows with internal & external flaps. The internal flaps can be zipped up for privacy. The external flaps have eyelets to connect to an awning and can also be zipped up. Our camper trailers have two doors which are fitted with canvas covers and a mesh screen to protect against insects.

How much room is there inside the camper trailer?

There is an internal living space of 4.5m x 1.6m

What size is the bed?

The size of the bed is 2.0m x 1.4m

Is the mattress comfortable?

Yes - our double sized bed is made from a high density foam mattress.

Can the bed be left made up?

Yes, however bulky items such as doonas and pillows should be packed away separately.

Does the camper trailer have an external storage box?

Yes - our camper trailers have a storage box approx. 1650L x 500W x 515H or 500 Cubic Litres

Is there a jerry can holder on the camper trailer?

Yes - our camper trailers have 3 jerry can holders.

What type of electrical trailer plug does the camper trailer have?

Our camper trailers have a standard fitting 7-pin plug. Adaptors are available to suit other connections.

What is the weight of the camper trailer?

Argyle camper trailers are 820kg when empty.Argyle SE camper trailer are 920kg when empty.

How much weight does the camper trailer put on the drawbar?

Argyle - Approximately 80kg.Argyle SE - approximately 120kg

Does the camper trailer have brakes?

Yes - our camper trailers have hydraulic disk brakes that operate independently with no special requirements needed from the towing vehicle.

Does the camper trailer have a spare tyre?

Yes - the spare tyre is located under the camper trailer and winds down by a winch.

What constitutes an insurance claim?

Any single event of vehicle theft, vandalism, fire, accident damage or water immersion damage which may occur during water crossings while on hire. Also including damage by any third party including trees and wildlife.

Does my comprehensive vehicle insurance cover the camper trailer?

Most comprehensive motor vehicle policies do not cover a hired camper trailer.