Argyle SE


Want a compact camper with all the options? Check out the Argyle SE.
This camper strikes a great balance between weight and versatility. The kitchen features a Smev 2-burner stove and sink that pumps water from its’ 90 litre tank and comes standard with a water level indicator.

Up front there’s a 500 litre storage box plus another 450 litre fridge storage box with built in heavy duty slides. Underneath, the camper is well equipped with fully independent trailing arm suspension that attaches to a hot dip galvanised chassis. A square end tent maximises internal floor space inside.

Inside the camper there’s a dual layer double foam mattress on a slatted bed base for extra comfort and breathability, with LED reading lights on each side, all underneath an Australian made and manufactured Wax Converters canvas tent.

Recommended fridges that fit:

ARB: 35L, 47L, 60L, 78L

Engel: MD14F, MT35FP, MR40F, MT45FCP, MT45FG, MT45FP, MT60FP


Everkool: ED40, KOOLMATE IB31, KOOLMATE IB40, IB18, RV25, RV35, BCD30, BCD4, BCD60, RF040, RF047

Waeco: CFX-35, CFX-40, CF-50, CD-50DZ, CF-35, CF-45, CDF-35, CDF-45, CF-25, TC-21, CF-18, T-14FL, CDF-11, CFX-50

Trailer Specifications

4.5 x1.6M
920 kg
15 x 7
31.5/10/ R15
  • full-enclosed-annexe-small

    Fully Enclosed Annexe (Family Room)

    $150.00 / Week - Capped at $300
  • honda-generator-eu10i-small

    Honda Gernerator 1000W

    $100.00 / Week - Capped at $300
  • hire-4

    Kids Room - 2m Long X 1.5M W

    $100.00 / Week - Capped at $300
  • camp-stretcher-small

    Camp Stretchers

    $20.00 / Week
  • engel-60l-small

    Engel Fridge 60L (Fridge/Freeze)

    $150.00 / Week - Capped at $450
  • engel-60l-small

    Engel Fridge 40L (Fridge/Freeze)

    $100.00 / Week - Capped at $300
  • hot-water-shower-on-demand

    Coleman Hot Water Sytem ( Shower & Ensuite)

    $75.00 / Week - Capped at $200

For your convenience - If Available